CCH Problems Updated 6/21/19

It gets worse.

So @WKTAAUS direct messaged me to try to fix the problem after my post on 6/15/19, except so far the only follow up I received was on Tuesday, June 18th from the technical support of Scan and Autoflow. Maybe my previous post didn’t make this clear to CCH, but the Scan and Autoflow technical issues were resolved, it just took over a month to get an accurate answer to the technical question.

So to boil it down I have one current issue with CCH Axcess Tax, billing.

  1. I was informed my renewal would happen in October 2019

  2. I would not like to renew CCH Prosystems Fx Planning

  3. I want the monthly bills to stop saying “Elect File Rerun 5500 FD”. I have never prepared a form 5500 using their software nor have I ever e-filed one. And while the erroneous 5500 line item is there every month there is usually additional forms on my bill which I have not filed (for example, form “Elect File 2688 Ind Rejected FD”)

I messaged general support yesterday but they closed my issue without resolving my problem.