Changing Your IRS E-Services Password

Caution: IRS e-services is crazy fickle on internet browsers, sometimes something that works on Firefox on e-services, won’t work on Chrome (gives an error) and sometimes, it only works on Microsoft Edge, and then some stuff only works on Explorer. This worked on Chrome and I couldn’t get the same results on Edge.

Go to website



Click on the “Create or view your account” link which takes you to

Login using your E-Services credentials, which should get you to the page below.

Then click on “Profile”

IRS Personal Account

Go to profile, should then get you to this page.

IRS Page 2

What’s bonkers is I think on this page


is I think the “Get Transcript Online” link on the generic IRS E-Services Page was supposed to be this webpage

but instead it’s pointing to

So I think it’s a broken link.