Andrea Carr CPA LLC only consists of Andrea Carr and employs no staff nor a physical office space. She generally meets clients at their homes or offices. She works closely with David M Carr CPA LLC, with Dave usually reviewing Andrea’s work.

She generally works with service businesses or individuals/businesses with international tax issues. She does limited non-profit and trust/estate tax work. Dave and Andrea also consult on the tax efficiency of certain transactions, generally in regards to a divorce proceeding or the acquisition or sale of a business (or business property). Dave and Andrea believe their value is in the tax planning/structuring, that if the tax planning is done well, the preparation of the tax return is easy.

If you are interested in becoming a client, you would e-mail Andrea at or call and leave a message at (808) 436-8975. Initially we (likely Dave and Andrea) would meet with you, go over 3 years of prior tax returns, discuss what you want for tax services, and then we would propose a price for those services, and then you would decide whether to become a client or not.

When Andrea has a lull in work, she writes tax things or does tax podcasts.

She writes silly tax jokes on Twitter, which sometimes make it into Forbes @andreacpa0.
She contributed to BKD’s podcast on 199A
And she made a pdf about Opportunity Zones