Andrea Carr CPA LLC is not currently accepting new clients, if you need to contact her, do it via Twitter at @andreacpa0.

Andrea does not maintain a physical office space nor employs any staff. All her time is spent on tax policy and strategy and how it relates to existing clients. Her primary focus is tax planning for passthrough entities and the optimization of the new passthrough deduction (199A). One time, the cool kids let me contribute to a podcast on the 199A deduction and it was magical.

David Carr CPA is also assisting Andrea Carr CPA because a little supervision is a good thing to have, but David Carr is still very confused as to who “Post Malone” is (see quote below) and why this odd gentleman has a quote about the accounting profession and why his daughter feels like it’s a good quote to have on her website.

“In 2018, there’s a whole new age of accountants, I think, emerging” - Post Malone

Andrea had a lull in her workload, so she did stuff on the Opportunity Zone because she was asked about it.
Here’s a square pdf, created 2/7/19 on the Opportunity Zone